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Project 5-million: A Movement for Racial Justice Across the UK

Project 5-million: A Movement for Racial Justice Across the UK

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6,763,958 supporters
73 petitions in “Project 5-million: A Movement for Racial Justice Across the UK”
Started by Emma Dalmayne
Stop The Deportation Of Osime Brown
** UPDATE OSIME CAN STAY!! **  Please now consider signing this new petition to clear his name: htt…
Started by Joshua Bailey
Teach British children about the realities of British Imperialism and Colonialism
The Department for Education states that; ‘The national curriculum for history aims to ensure that …
Started by Zayneb Benyoucef
Justice for JULIAN COLE!
In the early hours of the morning on Sunday 6th May 2013, Julian and some of his friends who were e…
Started by Sabina H Hercules
Fix the Windrush Compensation Scheme Now!
The Windrush generation are mostly Caribbean families from Commonwealth countries invited to the UK…
Started by Jake Obiora
Suspend supply of tear gas, rubber bullets and riot shields to the US from the UK
According to UK policy, UK sales of tear gas, rubber bullets, and riot shields must be suspended im…
Started by Ashok Viswanathan from PeoplePower
An initial group of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) leaders and friends, including the awar…
Started by Zina Alfa
Ban Hair Discrimination In The UK
Endorsed by ub hair & Shine 4 Diversity When I was at school, I was forced to take out my braid…
Started by Holly Clapp
Enough is enough.  How long can we avoid teaching people in the UK about the racial injustices expe…
Started by Tom Bales
Help stop London-born twins being deported to different countries
We are calling to stop the deportation of twins, Darrell and Darren Roberts, who were born in Londo…

Be a part of one of the largest movements for racial justice in British history.

This Black History Month, we launched ‘Project 5-million’ a movement to support the thousands of petitions on our platform calling to end racism in the UK. Together, the aim is to collect the largest number of voices calling for racial justice in nearly 200 years by reaching 5-million signatures – and hand in these historic numbers to decisions makers.

This Black History month we wanted to see more than kind words from Government Ministers and Big Business – we want to see tangible law and policy change that helps end racial discrimination, racist systems and racial violence. 

Within this page you can see some of the top petitions that are apart of this movement. 

With your voice – we can make the movement for Black lives too large, and too loud, to ignore. 

Get involved! Add your petition to the biggest movement in racial justice in the UK

So far in 2020 over 5 million people in the UK have signed petitions calling for racial justice

Will you be part of one of the biggest movements for racial justice British history - by signing a petition today?

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Stop The Deportation Of Osime Brown
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Tax rebates for the descendants of slaves